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Predictors of Natural Disordered Regions


PONDR® Output

The PONDR® output consists of up to three parts, depending on what is chosen by the user on the input form:

  1. A graphical representation of the PONDR® output

  2. A textual output using "D" to show disorder along the sequence

  3. A raw score for each predictor for each amino acid in the protein

Graphical Representation

This is the graphical output from a PONDR® prediction, using only the VL-XT algorithm. The protein sequence input was RluC (SwissProt accession code rluc_ecoli). RluC is the Ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase C (also known as "Pseudouridylate synthase" or "Uracil hydrolyase"). The accession code was entered in the appropriate box in the input form and then the "Submit" button was pressed.

You may click on various portions of this image to open a small window containing a brief explanation.

Example of graphical PONDR® output